What are the top 5 guitar brands?


Many might not be knowing the fact that Yamaha began its product journey in reed organs and pianos (1887). It was later, that the company started off with motors and then different musical instruments. Talking about the Yamaha guitars, the sound quality is superb. You get a breath of fresh air when the right chords are plucked. A Yamaha acoustic guitar comes in different price ranges but all guitars are worth buying. The price is perfectly labelled for individual guitars. If you are tight on the budget and want to buy a Yamaha guitar then you can go for a Yamaha F Series 280 6 String Acoustic Guitar – Rosewood Fretboard – Open Box B Stock. But if you are looking for a more better sound output around 10K then you can go for the Yamaha F310 Premium Acoustic Guitar.


Fender is an international brand which holds the title of “world’s largest guitar manufacturer.” Not only internationally, but the brand has received positive reviews in India as well. Many musical masters and Church guitar players opt for a Fender guitar as their first and only priority. One can check out Fender Squier SA-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – Natural – Open Box B Stock if you want to kickstart your guitar journey by investing just a minimal amount.


Kadence has also picked up an immense audience in terms of guitar buyers. Somewhere in the competition, the brand has done well to win the favour of musicians, say guitar lovers. You can check out, that in the recent times, most of the Youtubers are starting off with a Kadence guitar in order to cover the best acoustic songs. A Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, Mahagony Top SH-03 around 10K is one of the perfect choices to go for.


Cort, a South Korea brand, is doing very well business in India as well. One of the best features of the Cort brand guitars is that you get great sound output without using a plectrum. Incase, if you are planning to play some great songs like “Perfect” by “Ed Sheeran”, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by “Elvis Presley” by just investing 10K, you can opt for Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. The sound ambience and output of the guitar is simply spellbounding, out-of-the-box.


Ibanez, one of the favourites of Joe Satriani, has pulled the Indian market and leaves behind no complains. The brand has got a lot of positive comments in terms of sound quality and glossy body. So, if you are looking forward to chill out the vacations by playing guitar on a beach, an outing, a family picnic, outdoors, living room, corridor, balcony etc or want to play some great songs in your college campus, you can go for an Ibanez guitar. It is an ideal choice for the ones those who are tight on the budget. You can check out the Ibanez MD39C 39 inch Cutaway Acoustic Guitar.

These are top 5 best guitar brand in India, you can pick any guitar from these brand.