Top 5 best trekking shoe brands in India

Trekking is one of the best ideas to replenish your mind and body. The fun-filled and thrilling journey of a trekking is always super exciting with friends and family. However, if you wish to make it more comfortable and relaxing, you need to wear proper trekking gear. Who does not want to explore a perfect weekend getaway idea? Well, you need to be quite picky about your trekking shoes. Your shoes are going to be your first and best companion throughout the trekking. Therefore, shoe selection is a must to experience a safe and sound trekking. People who are beginner are mostly confused about the trekking shoes. To make your shoe selection effortless and bring you out of the confusion, we are here with the top 5 best trekking shoes available in India.

  1. Redcheif’s leather trekking and hiking shoe:

Redchief is one of the most luxurious shoe brand. You can entirely rely on these shoes for a long journey and trekking. These shoes will not only work for mountain climbers and explorers. Instead, these are ideal casual wears too. The paddings present on the base and upper section of the shoes help you to remain comfortable throughout the journey. It is not too hectic to clean and is quite affordable.

  1. Adidas ax2 trekking shoes:

Do we have to mention anything about the quality and durability of Adidas shoes? It is one of the top quality and highest-selling trekking shoes in the market. The best thing about these shoes is that they will work well on rainy days too. A good grip is necessary for a mountaineer. These shoes will offer you an excellent grip that gives you a 100 percent safety guarantee.

  1. Wildcraft unisex trekking shoes:

The wildcraft shoes are ideal for trekking as well as casual wear too. These shoes will stay with you for a long time without getting worn off. Also, the price of wildcraft shoes makes them popular and loved by all. The grip and lightweight offers a wide variety of use. From walking on slopes to terrain, you can do everything.

  1. Puma leather trekking shoes:

Puma shoes are one of the top-selling shoes both in the casual and sports world. The rubber sole present in these shoes will run for several years. The perfect style of these shoes makes them wanted by all. You will also get a warranty for a few years in these shoe brands.

  1. Lee cooper trekking shoes:

We know what you are thinking right now! Yes, lee cooper shoes are as fashionable as their functionality. These shoes are very versatile and give you a luxurious 24 hours comfort. Investing money on the Lee cooper shoes will never make you regret. Also, you get to select from a variety of shoes available in this brand.


The best trekking shoes will assure you about your safety while climbing up the mountains. You will never be afraid of heights or miles again. We hope that you find our top 5 recommended brands of trekking shoes helpful. Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!