How to Use Glutamine Supplement Properly

The question “how to use glutamine supplement properly” is common these days. While glutamine supplements offer a wide array of benefits, the benefits cannot be reaped if the supplement is not taken in the right way. Most people who plan on consuming glutamine are still unaware of the fact that glutamine could deliver different benefits based on the user’s issue and how It is consumed. Here is everything you need to know.

First, glutamine is produced by the body even without consuming supplements. However, there are circumstances when this production stops or the production become inadequate for the body. This is when glutamine should be consumed.

Once you know this, you are ready to start consuming glutamine supplements. However, unlike other health supplements, there are some key things that you need to know.

How to consume glutamine supplement –

  • Glutamine supplements could be consumed with any food
  • Glutamine supplements should never be consumed with hot food or beverages. Yes, glutamine is an amino acid and amino acid could be destroyed or changed if the temperature is high.
  • If you are planning to consume a glutamine powder supplement, then it is best to be combined with apple, water, carrot juice, etc. In general, it could be consumed with juices with low acidity levels.
  • Consuming glutamine supplements with acidic juices like orange, lemon, grape, etc. could diminish the benefits offered.

How much glutamine supplement to consume and how frequently –

How much glutamine supplement to be consumed is always a subject of debate. In theory, it should be consumed in very high quantity to reap the maximum benefits as it could increase the plasma glutamine concentrations. However, based on a few of the experts we conversed with, the quantity of glutamine consumption should be decided based on the user’s health condition. They recommend that the user consult a dietician and get a prescription. In general, 20 to 30-grams should be consumed maximum in a day.

When it comes to frequency, the maximum benefits from consuming glutamine supplements could be reaped only if it is consumed daily. But, the above-mentioned dosage of glutamine supplements should not be consumed in one go. Split the total dosage into 3 or 4 parts, for example, if you are planning to take a dosage of 30-grams per day. Then take 10-grams in the morning, 10-grams after two or three hours, and 10-grams with snacks or in the evening. Such a routine would enable the body to utilize the glucose in a very efficient way.

If you are working out, then you could split the total dosage per day to two. Then consume half before the workout and half after the workout.

While glutamine is an amino acid if you consume too much per day and make it a routine to consume too much frequently. You would end up having health issues. Remember, as long as, glutamine is consumed in the right way, it could offer benefits if not, it could destroy everything you are hoping to achieve. Always keep the glutamine supplement daily dosage below 35-grams. Anything above is perfectly harmful and this is a fact verified by experts.