How to Choose the Best Steam Iron

Steam iron varies from a conventional iron in the respect that it is required to be filled with water which is then converted into steam. The steam makes the process of ironing much more efficient as compared to a conventional iron. Steam iron Is able to remove wrinkles and creases from even delicate clothes swiftly and efficiently. Even though normal iron also removes creases and wrinkles, the process is slower and less efficient as compared to steam irons. Due to the abundance of models in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best steam iron suited for you.

Knowledge about various features of steam irons helps in selecting the best model. Some of the features have been discussed here.


Soleplate of steam iron comes in contact with the clothes. Wider the area of the soleplate, greater is the efficiency of the steam iron because a large number of steam vents come in contact with the clothes. Whether the soleplate is sticky or non-stick is an important consideration. Non-stick soleplate tends to glide less smoothly as opposed to the sticky soleplate.

Soleplate can be made of a number of materials. Stainless steel soleplate Is commonly used in steam irons and suitable for natural fabrics such as cotton or wool. However, stainless steel soleplate can stick to the clothes when the temperature becomes very high. Aluminium soleplate ensures even distribution of steam. It is also very durable in nature and affordable. Ceramic soleplate is aluminium coated with ceramic. This type of soleplate is suitable for synthetic clothes. But it can fade the colour of cotton and woollen clothes. The ceramic coating can also detach due to wear and tear.


In the case of steam irons, higher power means greater efficiency is no longer true. This is because energy-efficient steam irons are widely available. Energy-efficient steam irons have circuits which consume less electricity, but there is no compromise in the efficiency of steam ironing. Thus, you can easily purchase a steam iron with a lower power rating. Power rating is given in watts.

Steam Vents

Steam escapes through the steam vents present on the soleplate of the steam iron. The number of steam vents and their diameters varies among different models of steam irons. A steam iron can have a large number of vents of small diameters or a small number of vents with large diameters. Going for steam irons with a large number of steam vents is recommended because a larger number of events enhance the efficiency of the steam iron by more even distribution of steam.

Cord and Cordless

If you are opting for a corded steam iron, then it is necessary to ensure that the cord length is high. Long power cord makes ironing very convenient because you get a lot of room to manoeuvre. Shorter chords limit movement and may also require the extension cable.

Cordless steam iron gives much higher mobility because there is no power cord. However, it needs to be frequently plugged to a base plate to keep it warm. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is not replaceable, and the unit needs to be changed once it expires.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the brand must also be considered. Brands which have wide experience in producing high-quality steam irons must only be considered.