How much does a real guitar cost?

Planning to buy a good guitar for you, then it is necessary to know what type of guitar you need and the specification of the guitar. The price depends on that. Whether you are professional or beginner or at the transitional level, the price of the guitar you use will not be the same.

Buy a good guitar from Yamaha and Stagg, Gibson, Epiphone, etc. these are some of the best guitars available in the market. The value of the guitar will also depend on the quality of the wood or plastic. Not only this it depends on many elements also.

Read the following article to know more about the cost of a good guitar.

Cost of the beginner audial guitar

For beginners, you should not spend too much because there will be a chance for moving for a new model fast and they also need another accessory to it like guitar pick to learn how to keep a constant rhythm. So, they should be within $100 to $500 for the first guitar.

The price will depend on the use of the material, how good the artist is, the accessory, and their manufacturing place. If you are going for a low-price guitar you must make sure that they are still made of good quality of wood, it should be comfortable to hold and look good, and the sound matters.

When the guitar is made of good quality, the price also rises. They should go for the range from $300 to $500.

Cost of the mid-range audial guitar

As you start learning more and more, you must find a better guitar than the beginner’s guitar. The range of the guitar should be from $500 to $1500. It should have a good quality of wood and an artist. Many times, these guitars require more handwork and attention to know more about it.

One more thing that makes your guitar better is the body shape of the guitar which allows the guitarist to play easily.

Cost of high-end audial guitar

These are usually special models, and the price range will be more than $1500. Only professional guitar players can handle a guitar. To these guitars, you must select the wood very carefully. The experienced players only take care, and they are capable of senses the different sounds in those guitars.

The design of these guitars is complicated because most of the guitars will get a sweeter sound as they get old and become better. So, if you have an older instrument, make sure you keep it in good condition because for old instruments the price will high.


“Price, comfortability, and brand” these three are the important factors to know when you are buying a guitar. The cost of a good guitar depends on the quality, size, specification, strings and shape of the guitar. The price will wary from one level to another and from one brand to another and make your dreams come true.