How do you know if my weighing machine is accurate or not?

Accuracy is the top priority of purchasing any weighing scale. Weighing scale is the only way to keep track of your weight loss. It is important to get reliable and accurate results from you’re the weighing scale. However, some have a serious confusion whether their weighing machine is accurate or not? Many come across this question when using a weighing scale. If you want to know whether or not this machine is working properly, then follow these useful tips to know the solution.

Useful Tips to check the accuracy of your weighing scale 

Why does accuracy matter? 

Accuracy is important to get reliable results from your weighing machine. If you are exercising regularly, then you need a weighing scale with higher precision. A weighing scale that is measuring accurate weight can motivate you in your weight loss journey. If the machine is not accurate, then you may feel that you are overweight or underweight. Therefore, follow the below steps to check the accuracy.

The zero mark scale If you ever doubt the accuracy of your weighing scale, then the machine should be zeroed. You can easily zero an analogue or digital machine to solve the issue. This can help you to weigh the weight from zero, and this will surely produce accurate body weight results.

  1. Weighing the weight 

The best way to test the accuracy of your weighing scale is by measuring the weight of known items or objects. For example, you can weigh 5 kg of rice or any other object to know whether the weighing scale is displaying the accurate results. You can use any object of your choice that already has a defined weight. If the machine weighs the object weight correctly, then can machine can display accurate results of your weight.

  1. Reweight or retesting the scale 

The reweight is an excellent method to test your weighing scale. In this test, you need to weigh the same object again and again. If the weighing scale displays different measurements every time, then the machine is not accurate. Also, if the machine displays precise and accurate results every time, then it is great to measure your weight.

  1. Weighing many objects 

Another useful method to check the accuracy of the weighing scale is by weighing two different objects. Ensure that the object is of different weight or quantity. Calculate the total weight of both these objects and measure them together on the weighing scale. If the machine displays the correct results, then is it a reliable machine to weigh your weight.

  1. Try changing the location. 

You need to keep the weighing scale on the right surface for proper measurements. Ensure that you keep the machine in a flat and hard surface. Do not keep the machine on cushioned or uneven surfaces. You can also try changing the machine location and try out the above steps to test accuracy. Keeping the machine in a flat surface can help you to get precise and correct bodyweight results.


By following the above methods, you can easily find out whether the weighing machine is accurate or not. Also, when checking your weight, stand for at least 5 seconds on the machine for it to display accurate results.