7 Best Yoga Asanas for Hypertension

High blood pressure is such a health issue that requires continuous attention to keep the reading under control. The doctors often tell that a healthy diet with regular exercise can help people suffering from hypertension.

With the DASH diet and regular exercise, you must also keep the daily records of your blood pressure. It is equally essential because you can know immediately if your blood pressure fluctuates. As a result, you can take care of it before it takes a huge turn.

Your goal

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and daily track down on your bp are what you need to do to keep your blood pressure down.

But some people don’t like to spend hours after hours in the gym with dive in the pool of sweat. For them, yoga asanas can be a great substitute that pushes down the pressure but also makes yourbody toned and flexible.

So here is a list of seven asanas to control your high blood pressure.


This pose is also known as “child pose” and lists among the easiest yogas which a beginner can try.

Though very simple to do, this asana gives a lot of benefits. In this yoga posture, you must sit on your heels and bend forward such that your forehead touches the ground. Your hands will be kept straight on both sides of your body.

It offers deep relaxation to the back portion of your body, which in turn relaxes your nervous system. This relaxation is crucial if you have high blood pressure due to stress.

Thus, Shishuasana helps you to be fatigue-free and improves blood circulation.


Another simple asana to stimulate the blood circulation of your body is Vajrasana, commonly known as Diamond Pose. In this asana, you must sit on your folded legs such that your hips touch the heels. As for your hands, they will be touching your knees.

This asana can be practiced even after having meals.

With that, this offers the advantage of better blood flow in the bottom part of the abdomen. Healthier blood circulations mean easy digestion of food which relieves you from the trouble of gas or belly pain.

This Diamond Pose also reduces the chances of getting excessive fat accumulation in your body.  As a result, lower chances of obesity means you are less prone to get high blood pressure.


Known as seated forward bend pose, this is another asana beneficial for reducing excess abdominal fats.

Paschimottanasana is a little more challenging to do, but it can deliver an outstanding result if done correctly. In this asana, you have to sit with the stretched-out legs and bend forward to touch your feet with your hands.

As it controls the accumulation of excess fat in the belly region, it enables you to lose weight.

Moreover, this asana also reduces stress and, in turn, stabilizes your high blood pressure.

Other than that, the seated forward bend asana helps you to gain a toned shoulder and figure, by curving your hips and abdomen.


Also recognized as a corpse pose, Shavasana is straightforward to do. In this asana, all you need to do is lay down on the floor with both the hands by your side. By doing this, you can relax your entire body with steady breathing.

This asana relaxes the muscles and tissues of your body, healing the torn-out cells. All this process simulates a better circulation of blood through your body.

Shavasana is also suitable for releasing stress, thereby reducing the chances of problems like high blood pressure and insomnia.

It is best to do Shavasana at the end of the yoga workout, as it stabilizes the breath after fast-paced postures.


The name ArdhaMatsyedrasans has a unique meaning. The word “Ardha” meaning half and the word “Matsyendra” signifies the ruler of the fish.

In this yoga asana, you need to twist your body in a sitting position, which enhances your flexibility. A little hard to do, but this asana is beneficial to calm down your high blood pressure.

This posture improves the oxygen supply to your lungs by enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body. Moreover, it also nourishes the heart and the nervous system of your body.


It is known as a butterfly pose, and this asana improves the stretching capabilities of inner thighs and knees. In this pose, you need to sit by folding your knees such that your feet’s soles touch each other. It is called a butterfly pose because you need to continuously flap your legs up and down just like the butterflies’ wings.

Badhakonasana not only gives you better flexibility but also enhances your intestine and bowel motion.

If you are tired from long hours of strolling or standing, this asana can give you relief from fatigue. As a result, it reduces the stress and strain and prepares your body for a sound slumber.


Another name for this asana is One-legged forward bend as you must fold one leg while stretching the other out. Holding this position, you need to bend and stretch out your hands to touch the distant feet.

This asana is very effective for rubbing the abdominal organs and toning the shoulders. Thus, Janusirsasana helps to reduce the excess fat from the abdominal region of your body and hence reduces the overall weight.

As obesity can one of the significant causes of hypertension, this asana can push the pressure back to the normal level.

What else can help?

An easy-to-use machine, a digital bp machine can help you to keep track of your pressure even by sitting at home. This device measures the movement of the blood through the branchial artery and converts it into numbers to show in the monitor.

These machines are fully automatic and can be operated with the push of a button. Digital bp machines also give the convenience of carrying it along with you due to its small size.